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Simple Selling

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What if I told you that selling could be both fun and easy?

In this week’s podcast episode, I introduce a concept called simple selling. When you practice simple selling, you will discover that selling feels good. It becomes the most natural thing in the world.

The concept of simple selling is straight forward. However, it can be difficult to put into action. So, I also provide a practical exercise to help you get started.

Here’s the definition of simple selling: inspiring people to take a specific action and doing it in a way that aligns with your values.

The key is to sell in a way that feels aligned. When you are out of integrity with yourself, that’s when selling becomes uncomfortable. Listen in to find out more and to start transforming your sales experience.

What you’ll learn on today’s episode:

  • Why most people struggle to sell.
  • 8 beliefs about selling and money that will sabotage your results.
  • One thing you need before you can sell your product or service.
  • How to make selling both fun and easy.

Featured on this episode:

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Welcome to Introverts Thriving in Business, the podcast for introverts who enjoy the comfort of her, hate the idea of selling, and want to create a thriving business on their terms. If you’re ready to go from overwhelmed and anxious, to feeling calm and accomplished in your business, then keep listening. I’m your host, Sally Miller.

Welcome back to the podcast. And today, I want to share with you a principle that I call “Simple Selling.” This is actually based on one of the lessons and so in my group program, Business Growth Lab, I was creating this lesson for the lab and I thought, I have to share this on the podcast as well. So one of the hopes that I have for you, by the time you finish listening to this episode, is I want you to start feeling excited about sales. So if you’re like many of my clients, or my audience, and you have feelings around selling, you have thoughts around selling, that selling is difficult, it feels icky, then this episode is for you.

So I’m going to be talking about why most people struggle to sell. I’m also going to share one thing that you really need to have locked in before you even start selling. This might be the one thing that actually standing in your way, and you resolve this and everything else will become so much easier. And then lastly, I’m going to teach you the easiest way to sell anything. And as always, I’m going to give you an exercise to make this very practical.

So why most people struggle to sell is so simply this; is because they have negative thoughts and feelings about selling. This is so common, I see it all the time. And by the way, it was me. As an introvert, selling was one of the things that I have struggled most with in business. But in one-on-one selling, I reached the point where I began to love it. And it’s all down to what I’m going to share with you on today’s episode.

But the bottom line is this; is as long as you have negative thoughts or feelings in any way about selling or money for that matter, then it’s going to prevent people from buying from you. Listen, nobody buys from a negative salesperson, they can feel that energy, they can feel that vibe, and they’re not going to want your thing, your service or your product.

So what do I mean about negative thoughts about selling? There are so many, but I’m going to offer some of the most common ones. And as you listen to this list, think, do any of these apply to me? Be really honest, because I’m betting some of them do, if you’re struggling to sell in your business. So here they are: “I don’t want to be salesy.” Incidentally, that one almost always comes from some past negative experience you have as a customer. So there’s the cliche of the used car salesman, for example… and maybe you’ve bought a used car or something else in the past and the whole experience felt really uncomfortable, it kind of felt icky to you, right? That is because the way the person was showing up as a salesperson.

But before we get any deeper into this, I want you to think about this: just because you have one uncomfortable experience as a customer, that had nothing about sales as a whole, you have just as many customer experiences where you didn’t feel uncomfortable, you’re just forgetting that, you’re just remembering the few that were negative, the few that were uncomfortable, or maybe it’s like one of those tele sales calls where someone calls you up on your phone, or even door to door, we still get them where I live, where people knock on your door and they’re trying to sell solar or something and it just felt uncomfortable. The reason it felt uncomfortable is because what was going on in the head of the salesperson. I’m going to be teaching you about that on this podcast.

But I want you to consider all the other buying experience you’ve had that haven’t felt uncomfortable, where you’ve been excited to buy, maybe buying a new outfit or buying a vacation or maybe you have had a positive car buying experience. Or it could be just buying small stuff, buying grocery in the grocery store. You have many more positive buying experiences, so don’t let the few negative ones influence what you feel about selling as a whole.

So let’s get back to negative thoughts about selling now I’ve finished that tangent. Here’s some more – “nobody wants to buy.” Another one, “I’m no good at selling,” doubts about your own skills. This was mine, “I am no good at selling” was one of my thoughts for the longest time. It’s bad to ask for money. So all your thoughts around money can seep into your selling. So any negative thoughts you have around money, having money, asking for money—now, that is a separate podcast episode, I’m sure I’ll record at some point in the future, is your money mindset, in fact, it’s multiple episodes, but any negative thoughts around money, especially if you feel like it’s bad to ask for money, then of course, that’s going to influence the way you show up when you’re selling in your business.

“They can’t afford this” is another one. So when you start having thoughts about your customers, if you start having thoughts, just get out of their mind, get out of their money situation, you don’t know what they can and can’t afford, right? “I don’t know if I can help them.” So this is when you’re slipping into doubt about yourself and your offer, I’m going to come back to that point in a moment. Or this one, “I have to get this sale,” or “I must get people to buy this,” is when people start showing up as kind of desperate or weird in sales. You know, it’s so easy to do this. Please don’t judge yourself if you recognize it, we’ve all done it.

But you might be middle launch and you start getting desperate, you start showing up all weird. Or maybe you’re on a consult, you’re a one-on-one service provider, and you’re feeling like you’ve really got to sign this client, you really want them to buy and you get into this kind of tight closed energy, that’s coming from thoughts like “I have to get this sale.” Or other ones, it’s going to be really sneaky, if you’re getting into entitlement, like, “I deserve this,” or “they should want this.” This might show up as for example, “I’ve been at this for over a year now. You know, people should be buying. I deserve someone to pay me by now.” Be willing to look and see if any of this is happening in your brain.

So at the end of the day, this is your takeaway it’s difficult to sell when you’re feeling salesy, or having any negative thoughts about selling. You’re not going to find it easy to show up and sell. Now, what is the antidote? What is the answer to all this? The answer to all this is my definition of simple selling. Here it this: Simple Selling is inspiring people to take a specific action, and doing it in a way that aligns with your values. That’s the key right there, is showing up and you’re selling, whether it’s a consult, whether you’re writing sales copy, whether you’re writing sales email, you’re doing a webinar, or whatever it is, showing up in integrity, showing up in a way that is completely honest and true to who you are.

Anytime selling feels icky, is because you have slipped into doing something or being someone that isn’t really you. And don’t judge yourself, by the way, this is so understandable. We are taught all these sales techniques, and we think we must use them. And sometimes they feel out of integrity, maybe you’ve been taught a sales technique that doesn’t quite align with your values. Maybe you’ve been taught that you must use scarcity or urgency to sell.

Now, I’m not going to comment on whether that’s right or wrong. I think it can be appropriate at times. It depends how you do it. The key is what feels right to you. The key is tapping inside and asking yourself, “Am I acting in a way that aligns with my values? Am I in integrity?” And anytime selling feels uncomfortable, it’s a clue that you’re out of alignment? So the answer is so basic, the answer is so simple, it’s just you want to sell in a way that aligns with your values. And yes, I’m going to be giving you some very practical tools to help you start doing that.

Here’s how you know you’ve nailed it. You know that you are simple selling when it feels good and natural, right? Selling actually can feel good and can feel natural. And when it does, you are in alignment with your values. But if anything feels closed, tight, pushy, weird, uncomfortable, heavy, any of those words, then you’re out of alignment. And that’s a red flag and you want to start looking at what’s going on.

Now, I have really good news for you. You already know how to sell in this way. What?! Yes, seriously, you already know how to sell in a simple way, in a way that aligns with your values. Think about this. Have you ever sent an invitation? Or have you ever invited people or even one person for something? Now, if you’re like me, and you’re an introvert, and most people listening to this podcast are introverts, maybe you don’t typically hold parties. It doesn’t have to be a party invitation. I think about time with my kids. Every few years, like every three to four years, we take our kids to Disneyland. And of course, kids get super excited about this. And my husband and I will plan and then decide when we’re doing it. And then when we’re about to tell the kids that we’re going to Disneyland, and it’s like an invitation, “Do you want to come with us, kids?” We’re excited to tell them, because we know they want to go to Disneyland, we can’t wait to tell them. We’re going to show up with an excited, happy, joyful, loving energy.

Now, if you don’t have kids, maybe another example would be if you’ve got a friend and you have a shared passion or interest. Maybe you both love the same sports team, or you both love the same musician, and you’ve scored tickets to some really exclusive events, whatever it is, and you’re offering to take them for free, you’re going to invite them to say, “Look, I’m going to take you…” or you’re going to ask them to pay like this, put money in the equation to make it more similar to selling. You’re going to say, “Hey, I know how to get these tickets for this event.” And it’s something you know they’re going to be excited to do, something you know they’re going to pay a lot of money for, and then they’ll be willing to pay anything, because it’s their favorite musician, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, or they’re going to some sports event where it’s almost impossible to get good seats, yet you know how to get them.

How you show up when you’re about to tell your friend and ask them do they want to come? You’re excited, you’re in a really positive energy, there’s no room for doubt in your mind that they’ll say no, you can’t wait to tell them about this opportunity. If you’ve ever done anything like that, then you already know how to do simple selling, that is selling in a way that feels aligned.

Now, I’m going to give you an exercise shortly to help you tap into that energy in your business, but first of all, there’s something I must share. Because I want you to think of this as your selling foundation. Before you even start selling, there’s something that it’s really important that you lock in, and it’s this: in order to sell anything, you need an unshakable belief in your offer, in your product, or your service, your thing, whatever is selling, you must be really solid in your belief that it works. Now, it doesn’t have to be a 10 out of 10 belief, but you want to be at least an eight out of 10.

Well, this is what happens. If you’re selling from a lack of belief, then you’re not actually aligned with your values. Think about it: if in any way, you have doubt that you can help this person, you know, let’s say you’re on a consult, or you’re not sure that you or your product, your service is good enough, or you’re aware of something that might not work. And that’s somewhere in the back of your mind, it might not even be at the front of your consciousness, but somewhere in your subconscious, there’s this doubt, this sort of hole, this gap in your belief, then you’re going to be out of alignment with your values.

Back to that used car salesman, it’s like trying to sell this car that’s worth 500 bucks for $5,000, right? That’s not going to feel good, is it? Now I’m not saying you’re like a used car salesman, but we all lack belief. We’re humans with uncertainties. So it’s really important to dig around in your brain and find any gaps in your own belief in your product, because that is an important foundation to show up in a way that’s aligned. Think of it like this, when you don’t have that belief in your offer, it’s like building a house on sand, building a house on an unstable foundation. Ultimately, that house, which is your business, is a metaphor for your business, is kind of going to collapse, it’s going to fall down. You don’t want to do that. So it all starts with building up your belief and your offer. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be like a rock solid 10 out of 10 every time, all my clients get 100% results, you want to be in good belief, and keep working on increasing that.

So with that said, let’s do an exercise to help you really get good at making invitations and simple selling, selling in a way that’s aligned with your values. So I have a question for you. When you were last in a sales situation. So maybe you were writing an email or you were posting on social media and asking people to reach out to you or maybe you’re on a consult or sales call, what were you thinking about? Who were you thinking about? What I mean by that is, were you attached to the outcome in any way? And be honest with yourself. Because most of us are spending quite a bit of time thinking about ourselves. We’re thinking about what we’re going to get from the exchange. We’re thinking about our business, the money in the bank, or finally getting to work with this client. Or maybe we love this person. We already know them, and they’re like the perfect client, and you really want them to sign.

Those are all attachment to the outcome, you’re thinking about yourself. Now, I’m not saying you’re fully thinking about yourself, this could be mixed in with thoughts for your prospect, right. But some of your thoughts around yourself and an attachment over the outcome and attachment over hitting your goals. Maybe you’re in the middle of a launch, and you’re really attached to hitting your launch goal. And I know how this feels, because I’ve been there before. But it’s so sneaky and it will sabotage you. So the way to get out of this is to put yourself in your customers shoes, put yourself in their shoes, so you’re 100% in their brain, not your brain.

And here’s the exercise that I want to offer you, that’s going to help you do that. And it’s super powerful. I want you to think about one person who needs your help. And if you really want to supercharge this exercise, make it someone you really love, someone really close to you. If you really want to supercharge this, make it your child, your sister, your best friend, your mother, your father, somebody you really love, who’s really close to you. But it also needs to be someone who needs your help. And get into their mind, think about the problems they have in their life. Think about the struggles, the thoughts, maybe they’re a little bit ashamed to ask for help, or they’ve had this problem for so long, they’re just living with it, think about all the negative impacts. Think about the change will happen in their life after they work with you. Really tap in to their story, their situation, their thoughts, their feelings, get out of your head and into theirs.

Now, you grab a piece of paper and a pen. Yes, most of my exercises involve journaling in some way. This is how I think and most of my clients think and find their best thoughts. I want you to write down what you want to say to this person. If you prefer, you can do this by recording your voice, by the way, you could also grab your cell phone, hit record on an app and record your voice. I just want you to talk to this person. What do you want to tell them from your heart to theirs? It’s going to be something about I can help you, this is how I can help you. I know how you’re feeling, you’re feeling like this. Pour it all out of your heart and onto paper or into recording. And that is how you’re going to tap in to this invitation energy, this idea of selling in an honest way that’s fully aligned with your values. And then what I want you to do is save that letter, that love letter that you’ve written somewhere, and every time you’re struggling in selling and before you get on a consult or before you start planning your launch or writing your launch emails, or if you’re about to have a sales webinar beforehand, go read that. Go get back into your potential customers’ shoes, really connect with their heart from their heart.

I’m going to leave you with this idea; it’s a little corny, but this is how I think about selling. At the end of the day, you are asking for money and time from someone, that is what you’re asking them to give you. You’re asking them to give you money and usually time to consume your product, your service, whatever it is you’re selling. But in return, you’re offering something valuable, but also your love. I love to think about simple selling as selling with love. Okay, that’s all I had for you for this week’s episode. I’ll see you next time.

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