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How To Scale Your Business To 100K

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Once you’ve made your first $5000, scaling your business can be simple. Yet most people want to overcomplicate things. And that’s why they fail. In this episode, I show you how to grow your business without the hustle and overwhelm. By the time you finish listening, you will believe that it IS possible to build a 100K business and you’ll know how to do it.

An online business only has four components: Invite, Engage, Offer, Deliver. And you only need to execute each component in one way. You don’t need to do all the things – you can make $100,000 in your business by doing a lot less. And you can do it in a way that feels amazing to you. I call this your unique Business Growth Machine.

When you build a Business Growth Machine, you scale your business without exhausting yourself and without giving up. You CAN do this.

What you’ll learn on today’s episode:

  • How to keep growing your income without draining your energy
  • The fastest and easiest way to make your first $100,000
  • How to build a Business Growth Machine that will make 100K a year
  • The 5 mistakes that cause most people to fail
  • What to do if you’re not hitting your financial targets and how to get back on track

Featured on this episode:

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Welcome to Introverts Thriving in Business, the podcast for introverts who enjoy the comfort of her, hate the idea of selling, and want to create a thriving business on their terms. If you’re ready to go from overwhelmed and anxious, to feeling calm and accomplished in your business, then keep listening. I’m your host, Sally Miller.

Welcome back to the podcast. I have such a fun topic for you today. We are going to be talking about how to scale your business to $100,000. Now, it’s my goal for this episode, that by the time you finish listening, you’re not going to just know how to do this, you’re going to realize how simple it is for you, you’re going to believe it’s possible for you to scale your business to $100,000.

But before we get into that, I have a quick announcement for you. My group program, Business Growth Lab, is now open. So if you’re listening to this episode, the week that it goes live, the lab is open, it’s open for four days only, it does close this Thursday, March 3, and this is where I help you pick your business idea, test it and then scale to 100k. And we do this in a way that’s calm, and it doesn’t drain your energy. Now, if you’re listening at a later date, then you can still hop on the waitlist. And you’ll find out when I next open doors. I open the lab several times a year. So you can go to my website,

Okay, let’s talk about scaling to $100,000. So scaling is phase three of my business growth process. I taught the process in Episode One, the three phases where one, come up with your idea, two, test it, three, scale. So, we’re going to be talking about phase three today. But a quick reminder, I’ve also told you that you don’t want to move into scaling until you finish testing. And I gave you a benchmark; you know you’ve finished the testing phase when you’ve made at least $5,000 in your business. This means you’ve proven your business idea. People have paid you money for what you sell, you figured out who you sell it to, what you sell them and how to talk about it in such a way that they want to buy. And when you’ve done that, you’re ready to build your business growth machine, which is what I’m going to be teaching you today, and this is how you scale.

I’m also going to add: if you’re still in phase one or phase two, I still think you’re going to find it so helpful to listen to this episode. And there’s two reasons. First of all, you’re going to get the big picture, you’re going to see what the end goal is for you and your business. And you’re going to learn how easy it can be for you to make that much money in your business. And then there’s a second reason, there’s going to be a lot of tips today that you can actually apply when you’re in the testing phase. So I think you’re going to find it very helpful.

So what is the Business Growth Machine? Well, first of all, this is what it’s not. It doesn’t have to be a complex automated funnel. You don’t have to have multiple technical pieces in place. You don’t have to be running paid ads, if you don’t want to. It’s not about building this funnel that magically creates a passive income for you. Now, it can be. What I’m about to teach you, the Business Growth Machine can be applied to an automated funnel. a few of my students do that. But it’s not actually what I recommend, especially to get your first $100,000. It can be a lot easier than that.

The Business Growth Machine, in short, is the fastest and easiest way, in my opinion, to scale to $100,000. And a big feature of what I teach is, it is simple. There are just four components to your online business. And when you understand what these four components are, you only need to do one, maybe two things in each component. One of the biggest mistakes people do is doing too much. Okay, as an introvert, I get easily drained if I have too much going on in my life. So, the answer that I discovered to that problem was to create a very simple machine where I’m not doing too many actions in my business, and I’m just focusing on doing them really well.

When you’re doing too much, it’s not just about the action, by the way. It’s also about your emotional and mental energy. If you’re trying to juggle too many things in your business, you’re jumping on every trend, that is draining mentally, that is draining emotionally. You’re constantly thinking about what you’re doing, and have you forgotten something? No, keep it so simple. And I’m going to show you how to today.

And then the other thing about the Business Growth Machine that I love is when you understand these principles, what I mean by that is you understand the four easy components, then you can build a business that’s unique to you. And again, this is fantastic for us introverts, because it means we don’t have to do any of those activities that drain our energy, we don’t have to do anything we hate. You can’t stand the idea of going live on video, you don’t do it. There are so many different ways you can implement each of these four components. And you only need to pick one way to do each one. So it’s easy to pick the way where you shine best.

Now, I would say that this is both a blessing and a curse. So the fact that there are so many ways, I would like to say there’s actually an infinite number of ways you can build a business growth machine can be a problem. This is where most people get stuck when they first come to me, because they’ve been consuming all the content, reading all the blog posts, the books, taking the courses, and they don’t understand these four components. And so they’re trying to do all these things. And they might be doing 10 things in two of the components, and zero in the other two. And they’re really busy, they’re really frazzled, and they don’t understand why they’re not making any money.

Okay, once you understand these four components, next time you come across a new strategy online how to build a business, you will understand where that strategy fits into the Business Growth Machine. And you can decide whether you want to bring it into your business.

So, let’s just talk through what those four components are. And then I’m going to finish up this podcast, I’m going to teach you how to build your business growth machine. So the four components are: invite, engage, offer, and deliver. And I want to let you know right now, you don’t need to take these notes, you don’t need to pause and write this down. I don’t know if you know, but there are not only just shownotes on my website, you can find a full transcript for every episode. So you can go back and get all the information there later, too.

So the first component, Invite, this is how people discover you. Listen, if you’ve got a business, if you have something to sell, people need to know about it first, all right. Sounds obvious. But so many of my people are very reluctant to go out there and help people discover them. Now, when you’re in the testing phase and you’re just starting out, you can actually do this within your own network. So you can just tell people who already know you, who already have a connection to you about your business. But ultimately, if you want to scale, you want to keep bringing new people into your business world. That is the invite step, letting people know about your business. Lots of ways to do it. But remember, you pick the way where you shine, whether that’s social media, being on a marketplace, like I do, which is Amazon, but they’re also marketplaces for virtual assistants, for coaches where you can market your services, whether that’s running paid ads, whether it’s offline methods, whether you have a podcast or a blog, okay, and people discover you through search engine optimization, through searching. All these ways exist. You only need to pick one, maximum two. So that’s the Invite component.

The second component is Engage. So once people discover you, they need to get to know you before buying, especially when you reach the point in your business, where you’re not just selling within your network, complete strangers are finding out about you. Maybe they’re joining your email list. Most people don’t buy straightaway. Here’s how I like to approach the Engage component. I assume that everybody on my email list or listening to my podcast or following me will either buy eventually or leave. I just assume it’s my job to keep showing up, helping them get results and bringing them closer to a decision: ‘Should I buy or should I leave?” And it’s absolutely fine which decision they make. And it’s absolutely fine how long it takes them to reach that decision. So you need to be constantly engaging, because again, most people don’t buy the first time they discover you.

The third component is Offer. This is your selling process. This is how people buy from you. Now you must keep asking people to buy. You don’t want to just keep on engaging. And I should have said some of the ways you can engage are with a newsletter or you can have a private community, a free Facebook group, or you can do free workshops, okay, it’s just giving people value. It could be just posting on social media. All right, that’s engage.

Offer is a little different. This is where you tell people about what it is you have to sell, and you ask them to actually buy. This is so important. Back in Episode One, when I describe the phases, I said that one of the ways you can know that you’re stuck in phase two, testing, is because you’re not actually making offers. And I see this a lot. Even I did this in my business in my early days is giving away value, giving away value, but really reluctant to ask people to buy, that’s such a mistake.

Now, you only need one selling process. Don’t overcomplicate this. If you’re a service provider, or a coach, it’s probably going to be something like inviting people to a consult as a free call with you. And then on that consult, you help them reach that decision, buy or not buy. If you have a product, whether that’s a physical product, or a digital product, like a course, then it’s the sales page, and then you’re sending people to the sales page. Or maybe you’ll do something like I do and have launches throughout the year, and then that’s a launch process. That’s a little bit more of a complex sales process. You only need one sales process. Same as for all the components.

So, the fourth and final component is Deliver. This is how you create the results that you promise. This is how you help your customers achieve the outcome that they pay for. Here’s the interesting thing. Of course, I’m not the only business coach to teach a model like this, to teach a model of how to build an online business. But this fourth component, I often see is missing in other people’s models, they’re focusing so hard on marketing and sales. But delivery is, in my opinion, the most important piece of your business growth machine, once you start having paid customers, and it’s also the most fun. This is the part of my business that truly lights me up: constantly improving, constantly thinking, how can I help my paying clients get faster and better results? How can I help them make more money, more quickly and in a way that they love?

Here’s why end delivery is so important. When you get better and better at this, you don’t even need to feel like you’re selling, the selling becomes easy. Your product, your offer sells itself. You get referrals, testimonials, success stories, people just want to be part of your energy. Also, your own belief in your own product reaches such a high level that you’re excited to go out there and tell people about it. This is where sales just does not become an issue.

So those are the four components, invite, engage, offer, deliver. It’s so simple. I don’t know why so many people complicate this. I’m going to give you an actual example to show you how easy this can be. Let’s imagine you’re a coach, because I know many of my audience are coaches. Here’s an example of how you can do each of those four components. Invite could be posting on your preferred social media platform, that might be Facebook, might be Instagram, might be YouTube. You only need to pick one, at least at the beginning. Maybe you’ll add a second in, but I’ll talk to that in a moment. But you could really just have one.

Let’s say you pick Facebook, because you know your audience is on Facebook, you’re comfortable posting there, maybe you enjoy doing videos as well on Facebook, whatever it is. So invite could be just posting regularly on Facebook, incredibly helpful content. And then maybe you’d run a few paid ads to reach a wider audience than an organic audience, then your engagement is also Facebook. So, there are some things that you do…This is basically marketing, by the way. The invite plus the engage component is just marketing. So that could also be Facebook, and maybe you also do a weekly newsletter. So simple. You’re just creating value, value, value, value for those people who are following you.

And then your offer, your sales process could be what I described earlier, you’re consistently inviting people, whether it’s on Facebook and in your newsletter. I recommend you do that every time you send out your newsletter to a free consult with you. And on that consult, you invite them to make a decision on whether to coach one on one with you. And then your deliver could be as simple as a three-month one-on-one coaching program to achieve whatever outcome you’re helping them with.

Now, I’m going to boil that down to you, to how many actions you’re taking in any given week. The Business Growth machine I described to you, this is all you need to be doing in your business and this is enough to reach 100k. You would post on Facebook on a regular basis. Maybe you would boost some of those posts and run some ads to reach a wider audience. You would write one weekly newsletter and you’re going to pack that with awesome value. Every time you post and send out a newsletter, you’re going to have a call to action to jump on a consult with you. And then as soon as you get any clients, you’re going to deliver the heck out of them, helping them get results in your one-on-one coaching program. That is simple. You’re doing very few things, and you’re doing them as well as you possibly can.

So, if this is so easy, why do most people fail to reach that 100k mark? I want to talk through this and highlight some of the points I have already shared with you, because this is so important. If you’re already in business and just struggling to make money, listen up, because one of the following reasons is going to be the reason you’re struggling right now. First of all, I have to repeat this. Most people vastly overcomplicate. And no judgment here, our brains love to complicate, and then add on top of that Shiny Object Syndrome, FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, okay, it’s very easy to overcomplicate. Also, what can happen is you can panic. You’re doing something, and it’s not working, and so you go and do something else in addition, rather than trying to fix the thing you’re already doing. This is so draining, it’s overwhelming, it’s confusing. The answer is exactly as I told you, is keep it simple. Do each component in one way and only one way.

The other mistake people make is copying other people they see online. Here’s the problem with that: it feels fake. You’re forcing yourself to be someone you’re not. This can be so draining. It can put you into a negative energy place. And from that place, you’re not going to sell, you’re not going to attract people, people aren’t going to respond, the answer is just so simple. Stop copying other people and look inside. Play to your strengths. Don’t be scared to allow your own unique genius to shine. This is something I’m so passionate about helping my students do.

Third, and this is a really critical one, and it’s very strategic. They don’t scale— if people are not making money, and they’ve been an online business for a while, it’s usually because they’re not scaling all four components together. Basically, they drop the ball on one or two. So, for example, maybe they’re doing a lot of marketing, they sign a few clients, and then they switch all their attention to delivery. They’re still making offers, and they’re really focusing on their current clients, which is awesome. But they’ve literally stopped doing anything in the Invite and the Engage, they’re not bringing more people into the pipeline.

So it’s very strategic this: you just need to keep an eye on your bottom line. And if you ever see that you’re not hitting your targets, not a problem. You can fix this very easily. But have a look, what am I doing to invite? And is that working? How do you know it’s working? Well, are people signing up for your email list, for example? What am I doing in Engage? And is that working? How do you know it’s working? Are there people reaching out to you? Are people liking your social media posts? Are they opening your emails? Or are they emailing you back with questions? You know when you’re engaging people.

When I send out a newsletter, and I know I’ve nailed it is when I get that same day, multiple responses from people. And it’ll be something like “You read my mind,” or “this was exactly what I wanted to hear today.” If that’s not happening, you’re not engaging people. Are you offering? How often are you offering? You know whether you’re offering …Well, call yourself out on this. If you’re not asking people to buy, you should be able to tell. But you’re going to know if you’re doing this based on the number of yeses and no’s you’re getting?

Or are you delivering? If you are doing a lot of marketing and sales, but you’re dropping the ball on serving your existing customers, that also is incredibly damaging. You’ve got to really put your paying customers first. So that is a huge mistake I see. And don’t worry, it’s really easy now that you understand the Business Growth Machine to figure out where you might have dropped the ball or where you might have just completely overlooked the part of your business, you can now go in and fix that.

Another place people go wrong is getting so attached to the result, getting attached to each sale, getting attached to hitting that 100k. So, I know I’ve talked about, this is all about scaling to 100k, and it is. But when you’re in your business, it’s so important to learn from what you’re doing and then let go. I like to commit to action more than results. I like to come up with a plan or a theory. This is why my program is called The Lab. We’re like scientists coming up with theories and then we’re testing them out. And then I commit to my theory. So I have a theory that if I run this launch and I want to make them this amount of money, these are all the things I’m going to do. And this is how I’m going to do them. And then I watch what happens. And I get really curious, I use my curiosity, not my attachment to making a certain amount of money to figure out whether my plans are working. Just know that I can course correct as I go without judgment, all right? Keep taking action, commit to the action, and also commit to continuous improvement. That is so much more important than attaching to becoming the 100k business owner.

And then the last thing, and this is so critical, all these are very important points. But people give in to their feelings, they allow their emotions to drive the actions in their business. What I mean by this is they give in to their fears: fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of disappointment. Or they give in to overwhelm, confusion. I’ve talked about this a lot, and I’m going to keep talking about it. Of course, these feelings are going to come up. So what I talked about with sales anxiety in the previous episode, was a really simple technique. I called it CALM. But really, this is as simple as feeling your feelings and doing the action anyway. So the action you’re committed to, you just do it anyway.

Okay, so why would you do all that? Here is why. The rewards are something you can’t imagine in your business. You do go through a lot of emotions. You do go through ups and downs. But when you build your business, and when you do reach that 100k goal, and you decide to keep going, you’ve got more income, you make more impact, but it’s so much more than that. You feel alive. You’re living your life fully, and you’re growing, and there’s no better feeling than that. All right, that’s all I have for you this week. I will see you on next week’s episode. Bye, guys.

If you’re ready to thrive in business, I want to invite you to join Business Growth Lab. This is my group program where I teach you the exact process I and my students have used to grow profitable businesses we love. When you join the lab, you get lifetime access to everything you need to grow a six-figure business: the training, expert coaching, accountability, and community. The approach we take is scientific. We don’t dabble in business, and we don’t waste time. You’ll create your business on a solid foundation, using proven methods. To join, go to We’ll see you inside.


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