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Success Story: From Overwhelm To A Growing Coaching Business

Success Story Stephanie Donahue

This is Stephanie Donahue’s home business success story. When I first met Stephanie, she was juggling multiple jobs and feeling overwhelmed. During our time together, Stephanie discovered work she was passionate about and finally defeated the overwhelm.

Here are some of Stephanie’s highlights:

  • Stephanie Donahue HeadshotDiscovered where her true passion and purpose lay.
  • Landed three coaching clients in one month.
  • Overcame her self-doubt and found a new confidence in her role as a coach.
  • Created systems that reduced her overwhelm and freed her to spend more time with family.

You can visit Stephanie’s website at

Read on for Stephanie’s full story.

Feeling Overwhelmed And Going Nowhere

The first thing that struck me about Stephanie was her huge and generous heart. Stephanie loved to help people and struggled to say no.

These are all incredible qualities. But they can also lead to overwhelm. Here’s what Stephanie told me when we first started working together:

“I get easily over-committed because I love to serve anyone that wants my help. I loved nursing when I was a nurse. When I started my health and wellness blog, I loved talking about healthy habits. Then, I realized bloggers were a more receptive audience so I put my heart into helping bloggers and loved that. Then, I started buying more expensive courses where I met with entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and found that I love helping all entrepreneurs. Now, for the last couple of months I have put my heart into helping my husband and business partner implement EOS/Rocket Fuel method for their business and I love that too.”

Pursuing too many ideas is a common problem for people wanting to start a home business. We discover the world of online business and are pulled in so many interesting directions.

But when we jump into multiple projects, we end up spreading ourselves too thin. It’s impossible to achieve a big goal when we are busy chasing too many small goals.

The solution is to figure out what you most want. Then focus your energies in that one direction.

This is what Stephanie did. She threw herself into the discovery exercises I shared with her and quickly identified her true passion. She told me:

“I’ve been split in too many directions going nowhere. I need help to get the courage to focus on my ONE thing which right now is to become a paid coach. It truly is my passion!”

In every conversation I had with Stephanie, we kept returning to the idea of coaching. It was obvious to both of us that Stephanie needed to explore the idea further.

Eliminating Overwhelm

Success Story - Stephanie DonahueDeciding to explore coaching was pivotal. But Stephanie still needed to figure out how to fit coaching into her already busy schedule.

Stephanie found value in two tools. The first was to focus on the few things that aligned with her biggest priorities. This meant eliminating tasks that weren’t important, learning to say “no”, and spending time doing the 20% of things that generated 80% of the results.

The second tool was implementing boundaries. One of Stephanie’s greatest priorities was her family and spending time with her kids was important to her. Stephanie enforced some simple boundaries around her family and work time so that she could give her kids more focused attention.

Here’s what Stephanie told me:

“I’ve come to realize that I needed this program to learn to create boundaries. Also, the help to see the excess work I can cut out so that I can leave a legacy for my kids and spend more time educating them, learning about life through play together, and helping them develop good character. I’m shifting my work hours to 6-8am and 1-5pm so that I’m on my A game with my kids at my best hours which is from 8am to 1pm. These changes bring me joy and peace that I’m on the right track to have an abundant life that includes a thriving business.”

Growing Her Confidence As A Coach

Stephanie was managing her time and feeling less overwhelm. But there was a second challenge. Stephanie began to doubt her value as a coach. Early on in our time together, Stephanie told me:

“I yearn to be a coach and feel like it is within my grasp, but I don’t have enough value to offer yet or experience.”

I hear comments like this all the time. We all doubt whether we are good enough or know enough or have enough experience.

But this is fear talking. And it wasn’t Stephanie’s truth. She’d been supporting entrepreneurs for over a year and had helped her husband’s business implement a new marketing system.

Stephanie had the experience and the skills to be an effective coach. She just needed to act in spite of the fear.

Which is what Stephanie did. She reached out to her network and started looking for coaching clients. Within a month, Stephanie had three paying clients.

Here’s what Stephanie told me about doing it scared:

“I learned so much about myself and my core identity through this journey. I feel that it has empowered me to embrace coaching whether I feel ready or not. I still feel that I do not have enough experience to be a business coach, but the results my clients are getting are debunking that false belief I’ve held. Thank you for the encouragement all this time!”

As time went by, Stephanie’s self-belief grew. Recently she sent me this message:

“I love coaching! I had my first call of the day this morning and it was awesome!”

And a few days later:

“I feel like the coaching I have done lately has helped me to gain confidence and find my voice!”

Stephanie’s story highlights the power of doing the kind of work you’re meant to do. When you’re pursuing work you’re passionate about, your fear becomes irrelevant. You know you’re on the right path. This is how Stephanie explained it to me:

“You may know that I take a lot of courses and have a lot of mentors, but this program was pivotal and a defining moment in my life to start doing what I am meant to do. Seeing the ahas and new glow in my clients is so rewarding that I can’t even put a monetary value to it. I am filled with gratitude that I met you.”

Your Home Business Success Story

Stephanie has been one of my most dedicated and heart-centered students. Everything she does, she commits fully to. I wanted to know what advice Stephanie had for future students. Here’s what she said:

“For future students, my best advice to them would be to lean in. As you know, I took the assignments very seriously and put a lot of time and thought into my answers. I tried to be as accountable as possible even when I felt I didn’t have enough time between managing different projects and on-boarding an assistant. I almost didn’t purchase the program because I thought I didn’t have enough money, but I managed to add up all my business budgets and had the exact amount I needed. Also, I thought it would be about goal setting, but it was really a journey of self-discovery.”

So, now it’s your turn. Are you ready to create your own home business success story?


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