It's time to throw away the “rulebook” and build YOUR unique business.

I'll show you how to start and grow an online business...without the hustle and overwhelm.


…you’re looking to build a profitable online business and don’t want to hustle your way there...

…you’re an introvert who prefers to stay home and hates the idea of selling…

…you’ve been at this for a while but you’re not getting the results you want…

…you don’t resonate with what all the online gurus are telling you to do…

…you long to go from overwhelmed and anxious to feeling calm and confident in your business…

…you want step-by-step guidance from someone who has already built a 100K business (without sacrificing her life and soul)..

...THEN keep reading.

I want to help you have the breakthrough you deserve so that you can build a predictable and scalable income.

You sense there’s something else for you. But you can’t figure out what it is or how to access it.

You’ve tried all the things and nothing seems to be working. It’s frustrating and you’re ready to throw in the towel.

If you're an introvert and committed to building a thriving online business, I can help you.

My very first breakthrough happened in 2018 when I went from earning less than $1000 to consistent 4-figure months.

Since then, my business has grown month-over-month. All while working less than 15 hours a week.

I’ve created a six-figure business I love and still have plenty of time for family and solitude.

I’ve done this by ditching the established rulebook and designing MY unique business. One that perfectly fits me and my people.
Now, I want to help you too.

The reason growing a business feels hard is NOT because you're doing it wrong.

It's because you've been taught a set of business “rules” created by extroverts for extroverts.

After years of struggling in business, I realized something profound. My problems weren’t because I was doing something wrong.

The problem was that I had been buying into the prevailing mindset around how to build an online business.

Here are some things you may have been told about how to grow your business:

The truth is you don't need to do any of these things if you don't want to. And if you're an introvert like me, most of this will leave you feeling exhausted.

Here's what I found DOES work:

This is what we do inside Business Growth Lab. We ditch other people’s blueprints and figure out what YOUR unique business looks like.

What members of The Lab are saying...

“In my first launch, I signed five students and made almost $2000…”

I have struggled to develop my own online business, after years of working for other people, doing something that always felt like it had to be done in person. But after joining The Lab, I implemented an idea for a course called Portrait Drawing Lessons of the Masters, even before I felt ready.

The launch turned out better than I expected. I thought, I’ll do it and learn, even if there were only one or two students. But by the time the course started, I had signed up five students and made almost $2000.

—Tim McCormack

“After joining Business Growth Lab, I was able to finally believe that becoming a successful solopreneur could truly be my reality.”

I’ve always been a salaried employee with a guaranteed paycheck, health benefits, etc. Venturing into the business world as a “solopreneur” was brand new for me. In particular, my procrastination, fear of failure and fear of success were holding me back.

After joining Business Growth Lab, I was able to finally believe that becoming a successful solopreneur could truly be my reality. In the first few months, I’ve earned approximately $2,000 so far, with additional leads on the horizon.

—Farah Jamil

“I signed two clients back-to-back for a three-month coaching package and I made close to $3000.”

The biggest challenge was keeping going when I didn’t see results right away. It was frustrating and I was tempted to give up.

Coaching myself and being coached by Sally helped a lot. I spent time figuring out who I needed to become to be a successful coach. Then committed to constantly showing up as the new me.

I signed two clients back-to-back for a three-month coaching package and I made close to $3000. Now I know how to find clients and I see everything in my business falling into place.

—Kateryna Armenta

“In my first two months, I earned 2,400 Euro ($2,780 USD)…”

The fear of failure was huge. I have a mortgage and a family to support, so could I take the risk of having my own business? There were so many questions… How do I attract clients? How do I let people know what I do? Can I learn to believe in myself?

I overcame these challenges by just starting. I trusted in my coaching practice and the experience I had gathered to date. Inside The Lab, I learned to make and test my offer, nail my sales pitch and break down any negative mindsets holding me back. In my first two months, I earned 2,400 Euro – which is equivalent to $2,780 USD.

—Mark Carolan

Business Growth Lab
Not just an online program…Business Growth Lab is different from any business program you’ve ever taken.

The approach we take is scientific. We don't "dabble at business".

And we don’t hustle or chase every new trend. Because let’s face it, that’s exhausting.

You’ll map out your unique business idea and then test it out.

You’ll also allow yourself the luxury of time and space to design a business that feels amazing to you.

You don't have to hustle your way to success. And you don't have to do all the things.

The Business Growth Process is simple. All you need to do is three things: come up with your idea, test it out, then scale.

We keep testing and iterating until you reach your income goals.

And we have FUN doing it.

Work with your introversion not against it

Design a business that fits you.

There are many things you’ve been told about online business that leave you feeling exhausted.

Lucky for you, I’ve found the secrets to online business for introverts that feel comfortable and cozy… like home.

If you’ve read the books. Taken the courses. Listened to the podcasts.

If you’re stuck in analysis paralysis. With no idea how to start or what to do next.

If you hate the idea of selling and dread marketing yourself online.

Then Business Growth Lab may be the answer you’re looking for.

It’s a step-by-step process to build a business that plays to your strengths as an introverted entrepreneur.

And we’ll do it calmly and deliberately.

We throw out the established “rulebook” and design an online business that feels true to you.

It’s called “The Lab” for a reason. We will be scientists building your business with curiosity and using strategies designed to work for introverts like you.

After Business Growth Lab, you will…

What you get inside The Lab...

Online Training that Gets You Into Action

If you’ve read my books, you know I love my step-by-step guides. And I’m all about the action!

Most online programs give you INFORMATION but leave you scratching your head figuring out WHAT EXACTLY to do.

Inside the Lab you can expect self-study video lessons, technical tutorials, and workbooks that you can execute on to start creating results right away.

Sustainable Habits that Create Results

Having the right strategy isn’t the only thing keeping you from creating a thriving business.

So… what is IT that separates those who succeed from those who ultimately give up?

I’ve been obsessed with this question (I even interviewed 17 successful bloggers and wrote a book on it just to figure this out).

The answer is sustainable habits. Inside The Lab you’ll learn how to think, feel and act like a CEO of your business.

I’ll show you how to get out of your own way and focus on what you’re best at. You will stop obsessing over impossible goals and instead build sustainable habits for your long-term success and happiness.

Individual and Group Coaching to provide you with the support you need

With LIFETIME weekly group coaching with me, you’re finally going to get the support and accountability you deserve and for as long as you need it.

You can pick my brain and get powerful coaching every single week. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

* NEW BONUS * Join now and you also receive 3 one-on-one calls with Sally to help kickstart your business journey.

Finally, all Lab Members have direct access to Sally via Private Messaging. You can contact me any time for personalized 1:1 support with any problem or challenge in your business. 

No matter what you’re struggling with, I’m here for you. There really is no reason to do this alone and without expert support by your side.

Community of Introverted Solopreneurs Just Like You

Each member of The Lab is a purpose driven individual just like you. People who care about creating businesses that feel true to them.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a business but are struggling to make an income, you’ll find what you need inside The Lab.

When you surround yourself with people who are also taking action in their businesses, magic happens!

Join our community and engage as much or as little as you like. Either way, you will find a welcoming and supportive environment inside The Lab.

Here's what you'll be doing...

Business Idea

Define a niche and offer that’s UNIQUE to you and will enable you to start making money right away.

Simple Selling (aka Being Human)

Implement your simple sales and marketing process so that you can immediately start signing paying customers.

Delivering A Product Or Service

Know EXACTLY how you create results for your clients and feel calm in any customer situation.

Business Growth Mindset

Uplevel your mindset and adopt habits in your business that will ensure you keep growing your business without the stress and overwhelm.

Scaling Your

Map out a straight forward and achievable business plan that will take you all the way to six-figures.

Money Mindset Mastery

Blast through any final obstacles that are standing between you and the income and impact you deserve.

Join us inside the Business Growth Lab:

Business Growth Lab Image

Here’s a summary of what’s included...

The Investment For Lifetime Access:

If you prefer, you can also select a payment plan at checkout (make 12 monthly payments of just $225).

Get instant access to everything listed above. And when I inevitably dream up more goodies, you get those too. For free. Forever.

My Personal Money Back Guarantee

I want every member of Business Growth Lab to feel like they have received more value than they paid for. This is why I offer an unbeatable 365-day money back guarantee.

If you join Business Growth Lab and are not happy with what you find inside, then shoot me an email any time within 365 days of joining. Tell me why you’re not satisfied with your investment. You’ll receive a full and immediate refund.

So… if you’re ready to join us, give Business Growth Lab a full 365-day zero risk chance.

What members of The Lab are saying...

Frequently Asked Questions

While most Lab Members already have some experience online, motivated beginners have also found success with us. The first module in The Lab will walk you through finding the best business idea for you. Then I help you customize my proven business process so that you can create a business that fits you and your life. 

No. The Business Growth Process works for any type of business that is marketed online. This includes product-based businesses and all kinds of service providers.

You will learn specific how-to steps to go from zero to consistent $5K months. You will also learn the principles of marketing and selling online so that you can adapt my proven process to fit you and your business. 

Probably not. Business Growth Lab is for people in the early stages of online business. If you are already making at least $5000 a month in your business then this program is probably not the best fit for you.

Yes. At checkout you can either select a single payment of $2500 or 12 monthly payments of $225.

Yes. Sally has self-published 14 best-selling books. When you join Business Growth Lab, you get immediate access to her book Author Success Blueprint which details Sally’s entire self-publishing process. You also get support from Sally and live coaching via the community and weekly group coaching sessions. You can utilize these resources to receive feedback and ask questions as you write and publish your book.

It really depends on you and your schedule. Some people commit several hours a day and have earned their first four-figures within 30 days. While others have less available time and it takes longer. 

The program is self-paced, with all of the material being available to you immediately upon enrollment. It’s designed to take you step-by-step through all the stages of starting and growing a profitable business so you can take the stress out of building a business from the ground up.

Not everyone wants to ask questions in a public setting. Many introverts prefer to observe quietly. That’s absolutely okay! Sally strives to create a safe group community where anyone who wants to can participate on their own terms. 

You don’t need to turn on your camera on a Zoom call if you don’t want to. And you can type your questions if you prefer not to speak. You’ll also have the option to message Sally and get personalized and private support.

While it’s our hope that you DO feel safe sharing your ideas and challenges with the group – there’s never any pressure to do something that feels uncomfortable to you.

Yes! Sally spends time every week in the community answering questions, coaching people, and providing feedback. 

You also have direct access to Sally via Private Messaging where you will receive one-on-one support with any challenge in your business. 

NEW BONUS: Join now and you may also book three 1:1 coaching calls with Sally to brainstorm strategy and tackle any challenge in your business. This is a unique opportunity to get focused one-on-one time with a six-figure earner to help kick-start your business journey.

The weekly group call is on Thursdays at 10am PST / 1pm EST. Other events happen at different times throughout the year.

All of our weekly coaching calls, and any bonus calls/events are recorded and available in the online portal. When you join, you get instant access to all of the calls for the last two months.

This program is designed so that you can start at any time and there is no such thing as being “behind.” As soon as you join you’ll get access to the entire Business Growth Process. You’ll also be able to attend live coaching calls and ask Sally any questions you have about building your business. That said, the sooner you start working with a business coach the faster you’ll see results – not just in business but also in your life.

If you still have questions, then you’re welcome to schedule a free consult with Sally. Click HERE to book a 30-minute call where you can meet with Sally and get answers to all your questions.

Build your profitable business on your own terms. Join us inside The Lab.

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